TEK∙S safety training course review

TEK·S aims to help reduce anxiety and dread about unfamiliar places and surroundings by providing situational awareness education and training. This training also focuses on providing strategies that will help you become safer, regardless of where you find yourself and heighten your situational awareness when you find yourself in familiar settings, both passive and active, knowing that disregard for familiar surroundings can be every bit as dangerous as the unfamiliar.  

I was contacted by TEKS to review their safety training course.  This course talks about all the things that most people think will never happen to them. But if we think ahead about how to react to a possible situation, then we are prepared!   Safety is important, yet sometimes we take it for granted.

The course starts with a pre-questionnaire to evaluate how aware you are of your surroundings and your safety.
There are 2 modules.  The first takes you on a journey to become more safety minded.  The second module focuses on what to do when you find yourself in a unpleasant situation.  Each uses a lecture with interaction.  You will be introduced to several scenarios and given options to choose how you would react.  Each module ends with a review of all material discussed.  Then there is a game to play to see what you have learned.  
It ends with a summary of the all the material and a course assessment.

I enjoyed this safety course. After finishing it I have found myself to be more aware of my surroundings.  To keep my eyes and ears open to "possible" situations.  I feel that I am more equipped to handle myself if my "intuition" kicks in a warning!

This is a great tool for teenagers and young adults.  I find they feel untouchable, but this will make them aware of the possibilities out there and prepare them to deal with any.  But I would not recommend anyone younger to take it as it may put unnecessary fear into them.  

The purchase price is $22.00.  Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a user name and password.  Then you can access the course.  It takes about 60 minutes to complete.  I would recommend this program to anyone over the age of 15.  This would be a great addition to a home school health course, too!