Reading the Bible in a Year Challenge

I purchased this Bible at my bi-yearly visit to Christian Book Distributors warehouse sale in November 2010 with the intent of reading through the Bible in 2011.  
I think I need some accountability as I am a week behind.  Not bad you say....well, not really.  I had to spend an hour the other morning to catch up.  My idea is to read daily...not just read for the sake of "staying on schedule".  
Thus this post.  Maybe if I lay it all out here, then I'll feel like I have someone to hold me accountable....

For the week of January 23 - 29 here is my schedule:

23/Sunday:       Genesis 27:1-28:9; Genesis 36:1-43; 1 Chronicles 1:35-54
24/Monday:      Genesis 28:10-30:43
25/Tuesday:     Genesis 31:1-35:32 
26/Wednesday: Genesis 33:1-35:29; 1 Chronicles 2:1-2
27/Thursday:    Genesis 37:1-39:23
28/Friday:        Genesis 40:1-41:57
29/Saturday:    Genesis  42:1-44:34

This is where I have to start as this is the week I am behind....maybe I should just get off the computer and go read :)



  1. I have tried to stick to those reading plans a few times and I just feel like it's too much pressure. I prefer to just read daily, each morning, what I can read that morning.I usually read 2-3 chapters a day, so I don't overload my mind and can just ponder and concentrate each morning a little bit. I am still reading my Bible, but I don't feel the pressure. I admire you for saying that you need accountability. Good luck with your Bible reading!

  2. @Danielle Leigh
    Yes, I too, feel the pressure, but without a plan I don't do anything...and even sometimes with a plan I don't either! haha

  3. Join the crowd, girls! Seems I am always behind on my schedule, but I don't need to feel guilty about it. The idea is to read through and my schedule uses every 7th day for "reflection" or "catch up". I try to keep some notes on what I read, but that is never consistent either. No matter, if we are IN the Word on a daily basis, these schedules are just to give us a goal, we will GET what we are supposed to. Pray we all do well this year.


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