TriLash Review

TriLash claims to make your lashes grow longer, but does it really work?

The answer is a surprising YES!

 I was skeptical to try this product. There are so many products like this currently out on the market, some that I have heard will turn your eyes an ugly brown color if you use it. This product, however is not only safe, it's also effective!

TriLash comes in a silver tube very similar to a mascara tube. The packaging is very professional looking. It also comes with a pamphlet with instructions on how to apply, information about this product and FAQ's, which was extremely helpful.

I started using TriLash about two weeks ago and was noticing a slight difference in the length of my lashes when I applied my mascara. They definitely looked longer. But what really showed me that this product worked was when I had some friends over and we took pictures together. After looking at the pictures I was certain my lashes were longer. Woohoo!

This product is fairly easy to apply. The applicator is very similar to a liquid eyeliner. The directions say to apply it like an eyeliner on the top lashline then sweep it over both the top and bottom lashes. I think if the applicator was thicker application would be much faster and easier. I'd like it if the brush was more like the end of a q-tip or something along those lines.

The directions instruct you to apply twice a day, which was hard for me to remember to do! And, I'll admit it, I didn't do it that often, but still saw results.  It would have been easiest for me to remember to apply it right before I applied my mascara, but the FAQ's didn't address if that was ok, so I didn't.  The hardest thing about this product was simply remembering to apply it!

All in all, this is a very good product because it does what it claims it will do..... grows your lashes!

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