Yea, this was me!

Wordless Wednesday!!

Wordless Wednesday is a great day to post an awesome picture that “speaks” for itself, no words needed!

Never Growing Old


  1. Many will know that this is NOT actually my van. I was not thinking about taking pictures when this DID happen to me. No one was hurt, not even the vehicle!(just a couple minor dents) Praise God for that!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm glad that wasn't you in that picture, but so sorry you DID experience it. scary stuff.

  3. WOW! Hope nobody was hurt.

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. Hi Cindy - thank you for stopping by my silly blog. And wow - so glad no one was hurt in this accident!

  5. Cindy I am so thankful you were not hurt. I know it had to have scarded you to death. It would have me.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, I was very lucky to get that shot, I set my camera to action mood and just snap away. I have gotten some great bird shots using that. I snapped it while he was on the feeder and lord I though he was going to fly right into my window but he didn't he went down to eat seed off the ground.
    I am also following you.

  6. Glad you told me about this before I saw this! I wondered if you had gotten another van, knowing yours is dark colored.
    Doubly glad no one was hurt and you could continue your trip and still enjoy the weekend with your kids.

  7. We were truly blessed that no one was hurt!
    Yes, I was very scared. Not something I'd like to experience again.
    That's why I told you first mom, I think I'd freak if my kids didn't tell me about something like this!

  8. Hi,
    Just hopped on by via WW to see your picture, glad it wasn't me in there!. If you have time please visit and say hello.
    Helen x

  9. oh what happend to this car?an accident?if so hope you are ok...and still you are guided by him

  10. Way too scary for me. I'm glad you're okay. And, I'm glad I live where it doesn't usually snow and ice.

  11. Oh my! Thank God you're okay and I hope the snow clears up. I've never experienced snow before so I don't know how it is.


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