Super Shots Review

If you heard the words SUPER SHOTS what would be the first thing you would think of? 

When I was told that this was going to be the item of our next Gabby Moms mission, my curiosity was piqued...then my imagination went wild.....

Super Shots, what could THAT be?

Here's a peek into my dream world:

 Maybe it is a new immunization that moms can inject into their children to make them behave in a way that is acceptable.  To get rid of all the bickering, whining, complaining, know, turn them into tiny responsible adults!!!  Could it be?

Ok, maybe not...

How about an innovative weapon wives can use on their hubby's.

Aim-Shoot-*Zap*---the "to-do" list suddenly is appealing to Mr. Man!  

*Zap, Zap*---Sweety runs a bath for you and tells you to "take the night off" he'll take care of the kids.  

*ZZZZZAAAAPPP* --- Mr. Romantic actually does something romantic not involving......Ok, so I TOLD you this was only a dream!

Nope, I've figured it out....

It is a beverage for women to ingest that makes them Super to leap mountains of laundry in a single day, x-ray vision to see what really happened between Joey & Sarah that made Sarah cry,  rubberized limbs to catch that falling object in the room across the house before it crashes to the floor, moves with the speed of light to complete household chores in minutes......I could go on and on

Imagine what any one of those items would be worth!

Eternal Encouragement's newest offering really IS all the, I'm serious this time! 

 Just keep reading

The Encouraging Mom Super Shots are practical ideas that center around how to have a life-giving home, making your marriage marvelous, being the mother of your dreams, and most of all, looking more like Jesus every day.  

So it's not going to be exactly like what I was dreaming of, but Super Shots are great "tools" to help you achieve the above goals you/I desire only with a little more work then just using a needle, a bullet or a beverage. ;)

Here's the 411 on this new program:

The Encouraging Mom is a new membership program from Eternal Encouragement that offers a monthly Super Shot - each month’s Super Shot has a theme and contains four products in a variety of formats (ebooks, audio downloads and Chick Flicks).  Each product is guaranteed to be BRAND NEW!  

Don't stop now, it gets is only $7.97 per month....that's for FOUR products a month!

This new program is coming soon at

“I am reviewing Encouraging Moments as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement magazine.  I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.”  


  1. You should patent some of those ideas for Super Shots! ;-)

    Thanks for being both informative and funny!

    Top Momma

  2. Good job! Great use of humor on your review. lol. Two thumbs up!
    ~Another GM

  3. I LOVE your post! Similar to mine, but so much better :) Great job!

  4. With a son on the autism spectrum, I could really use those rubber arms! :) Great post.
    Jenny, Gabby Mom in MI

  5. LOL. Thanks for the laugh :) Congrats on being recognized for your post!


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