When did THIS happen

When did THIS happen?  

You know what THIS is!  

When you 

  • can't sleep anymore
  • are clumsy
  • have jumbled thoughts
  • cranky for NO reason
  • just want to be left alone, but with someone
  • totally unsatisfied with everything in your life
  • can't make a decision
  • then when you finally do, doubt it was the right one
  • know that everyone is talking about you
  • extremities randomly go numb
  • face and back break out with pimples
  • totally bored with life
  • have no energy and want to sleep all day
  • talk and make no sense whatsoever
  • go from being a total grouch to unreasonable happiness in a matter of seconds
  • the room suddenly gets so hot you can't breath
  • you wake at night soaking wet
  • random aches and pains that "old" people get, not you
  • can't read that tiny print
  • can't see to thread a needle
  • your hair just won't do a thing
  • age spots?  are you serious?

Sounds like adolescence, doesn't it?  Well, at least a good number of them sound like I'm turning 13  but   Not that! 

 For sure...it's the opposite end of that....menopause! 

What makes it even worse is if you have a daughter on the other end of this hormonal mess....watch out guys!  You may not survive!

 ---ever notice how women's problems all begin with the 3 letters M E N?  
menstruation, menopause, mental stress

I hate to admit that this silly 'lil cartoon is oh, so true :(


  1. This explains a lot. Thanks. I just thought I was loosing my mind.

  2. HA HA HA HA HA! So good...where do you get these things? Some how your father didn't think your "men" thing was all that funny...hmmm, wonder why? LOL

  3. Stopping in from the Wednesday Friendly Blog Hop that you linked up too! I'm already following you!

    Just wanted to say I KNOW how you feel. This is me, too. Ack!

    It will get better, right? lol


  4. @Karen Mortensen
    the sad thing is that women used to be put into insane asylums when this started to happen because their families thought they really were losing their mind!

  5. @June
    these "things" come to me while I'm trying to sleep ;(

  6. @SusieQTpies
    I'm told the fifties are better...I'll let you know in a couple of years!

  7. Okay, You.. Stop reading my thoughts... This list has me roaring. I could have written it myself. So happy to see you in my mix. It's great to know there are like minds in my mix. I shall look forward to reading much more of you, as it will no doubt be familar territory. Keep um coming, Keri


  8. @keri
    Yea, I thought the same thing when I was reading your blog...I think we share a brain (that is a scary thought!)

  9. I loved this!! I can relate to A LOT of these! Scary! lol


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