Man, I blinked AGAIN!

And this time 17 years have passed! has been 17 years since I brought home child #4 weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz. 
Here he is with proud big brother EJ

 This child was so mild mannered he was scary. Very content, but independent.

 During his 3 month checkup we discovered that he had a lazy eye.  Believe it or not, glasses were prescribed.
I was surprised he wore them

The glasses were unsuccessful, so at 8 months I had to hand over my son to a surgeon.  I cried and cried....this was the hardest thing I had EVER done!

After surgery, the nurse brought me to ICU to "comfort" him as he was crying.  I still remember the look on the nurse as she rose from the rocking chair with crying baby in her arms.  I took him from her and laid him back into the crib, as I rubbed his back and sang to him.  I knew my son, he didn't want cuddles, he wanted his space....he hasn't changed!

The day after he turned 3, he broke his femur (thigh bone).  Once again I am forced to hand my son over to a surgeon!  
This resulted in a full body cast for 6 weeks

As time went by we noticed that his "lazy eye" which had surgery was still lazy.  
Now time to use an eye patch

Is anyone noticing a pattern here?  Every family has one...the child that gets attention with medical issues! (oh yea, and practical jokes, but that is another post in itself)  

Several years of just the basic eye doctor visits, physicals, nothing "major", until he decided to take up snowboarding....
I really should have known better than to allow that!

Now my little "zekey-boy" is turning 17!  He'll be graduating this year and most likely breaking my  heart by moving on soon.  

Well, he has to wait at least until he gets his braces off (yes, even the braces required oral surgery and pulling of teeth...he can't do anything simply)

So this cute little guy has turned into this handsome, caring, funny, giving young man.
                             Why, oh why, did I have to blink!

I love you Zekey-boy


  1. This post made me cry and my kids are still young. 10,6,4 and 1. But my 4 year old just had his birthday I swear I just had him. I'm sorry you blinked. I am done doing that now! :)

  2. @Our Crazy Bunch
    Just remember on the bad days that soon they will be gone...and give them that hug anyway :)

  3. You have got to do something about your blinking problem! LOL

  4. @EmptyNesterYou would think that I would learn what happens when I blink!

  5. That's so sweet and sad at the same time. I've been trying to do as little blinking as possible, but now and then even with my eyes wide open I see my kids getting so big already.
    How did Zeke break his leg?
    As I read this, I realized how special being a mother is...knowing exactly what he needed even at eight months. That might be a good piece of info to share with his wife someday...he needs his space. =)

  6. I told you to STOP putting on stuff that makes me cry!!! Cuz now I remember the son I had who also had all the medical problems...and bawling my head off every time I handed him to a surgeon! [even when he was 17!]
    This second son of yours is indeed a special one and we knew that soon after he arrived. I "wise words" that this one spoke when about 2 or 3 years old...insight some adults never have. Hard to believe he is already 17 and will soon be on his way to "life". Thanks for giving me some pretty wonderful grandkids. I can only imagine what you will say about Mandie and Julie...expect I'll shed tears again!

  7. Your Mom is not the only one you are making me cry with these postings, you know! :-) I remember the first two surgeries with Zeke. His eye, and his broken femur. How we prayed as he went into surgery and when he was on pain meds! I think we prayed and we cried a lot! But he always turned out okay, thank the Lord! God is sooo good Cindy! He made our Mother's Hearts and He also understands when we cry and pray over the pain over our babies. It is so hard to turn our children over to surgeons or anyone else...(like and leave them in God's capable hands. I have to turn my daughter over soon to a doctor (or surgeon) who will be delivering my grandson...and I will's very scary for me as a Mom. She is no longer my baby, but someone's wife and I just have to hold on to the truth that God is faithful and is to be trusted. He loves our children more than we do! :-)

  8. @Erin SI left the details of "how" because it's kind of boring....he feel off a stool. He wishes it was a grand story of a boy's antics, but, alas, it is NOT ;)
    Good idea to inform his wife someday...better to forewarned then to have to learn this the hard way

  9. @Juneyea, he's always been the quiet one, but when he did have something to say it was always worth listening to.

  10. @lpb59Yes, Lori, we have done so much crying together..thankfully much laughter too!
    You so understand me cuz we are so much alike especially when it comes to our "mother's hearts"


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