Trying not to blink...

I guess I have been blinking too much.  I've tried not to, but my eyes get really dry and sting.  Then when I do blink my eyes get really moist and wet with dribbles down my cheek because I look around and see time has passed and my children have grown up.

Twenty-four years ago this is who God blessed me with:
Samantha June Lemay

All 9 lbs 7 ounces of pure joy!

She loved her thumb and her books....for many, many years.
  I pretty sure she finally gave up the thumb

Two years later, God sent her a best friend for life!   I remember 6 months after her sister was born she asked: "How long is she staying?" 
I think she is glad she stayed!

She was destined to become a cosmetologist....Just look at that hair at 2 years old

I have been known to say that if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have signed up for parenthood.  

That is a lie!  

I have experienced more emotions in the past 24 years being a mom then I ever thought possible.....immense joy, heartache, anticipation, frustration, pride, anger, happiness, weariness but mostly a LOVE so strong that sometimes it scares me.

Yea, they grow up and actually want to leave (yes, I know it's shocking). 
When I stand there and cry with my heart breaking, they just smile, wave and run walk away.  

After 3 years and 3 children leaving, I've finally come to realize that they really don't have a hard time moving on.   I try to remember how I felt....I was excited, scared, but ready to go and I rarely called my mom too!  
So I am learning to accept what is.  I still don't like it, but I am accepting it.

I didn't know on April 13, 1987 that the gift of this daughter would become one of my most precious gifts ever!  

She has become a beautiful woman, inside and out!

I love you Sampy-June!


  1. Uh-Oh...I wrote a really long and emotional comment..and it didn't now I'll have to re-write it and don't think I can. What I tried to say is..I remember when Sam was born (and all your children) and had the privilege of holding every single one of them in my arms. Sam is an amazing young woman because she has an extraordinary Mom...truth! Don't blink so much...because when you blink..then the next thing you know...your children will be having children of their own..and you'll be a month away of experiencing grandparenthood..(which I'm about to do)..and can't even begin to imagine the joy I will feel...because I have experienced all the emotions that you have listed in being a Mom as well..and through all the tears and is all just so overwhelming and we are greatly blessed! Okay..I know this isn't the same as what I previously wrote..but close enough. LOL. Love you!..(and happy birthday Sam!) <3

  2. I right there with you---it IS hard. Sometimes I sit here and just stare out the window and remember the girls playing outside in the back yard...even though they do grwo up and leave us, I wouldn't change a minute of the time they were growing up--except to extend the time!

    Your daughter is beautiful!

  3. @lpb59You played a HUGE part in my kids lives also.
    I am soooo happy for you. I know how you've longed to become a grandmother! Wow, that child will be so blessed with you as a grammy.
    My day will come I'm sure ;)

  4. @EmptyNester
    I have a hard time going through old photos. The memories overwhelm me at times. But I, like you, would only change the time, nothing else!

  5. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely woman. You are so blessed.

  6. Man, I hate it when you put stuff on that makes me cry...cut it out!!!
    Now you are experiencing what I went through...the tears when we had to leave Steve on his own, and then Jim, and then you left us. You wonder why I tag Jack HAVE mentioned that...he's my last one and even though he's married with 3 kids and doing's STILL hard to let go. BUT it's what parents do and your family has turned out so well and they are so beautiful. In spite of difficulties, you and Lennie have done well with your family. I pray you will have the opportunity to enjoy some grandkids of your own...they also are a blessing.

  7. We have had too many conversations about this blinking thing ....because it must be true! What other explanation can there be? It has been said that parenthood is one of the few ( if not the only) professions where you are supposed to work yourself out of a job. Sad...but rewarding and true! Especially when I remember that these children we have "launched" are in the palm of God's hand no matter where they go.


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