My Week At A Glance 3

May 15 - 21, 2010

This is my first attempt at hosting a blog hop.  
Feel free to join and recruit your fellow bloggers!
The rules are simple.  
1.  Write a post about your week, Anything you want! Or just link to your favorite post of the week.
2.  Please copy and paste the Week At a Glance button to that post. 
3.  Come here and  link up your post below.  Linky will be active from Saturday - Tuesday!

You can then have fun "hopping" around to read about other bloggers weeks or their favorite post of the week.   

Every week I will pick a blogger to highlight.  That blogger will receive spot #2, please visit their blog and follow them.

Now for My Week At a Glance:

Sometimes husband do things and their wives act like they don't care about it, but yet, they really do! (I can hear you saying...sometimes?) How about inviting someone over for dinner without checking first?  That is a BIG "if you don't want to sleep on the couch, then don't do it" thing!  HA!  We were the culprits in accepting an invite from friends hubby!  Thinking it would be funny, we quickly made our way to their home to surprise her before hubby could warn her!  She was very gracious (I wonder where dear husband slept?) assured us it was fine.  We had a great time and learned a new card game called "Five Crowns".  

A lot of fun and not only because I WON!

Speaking of winning...Monday morning I woke to an email from Pam over at Empty Nest announcing me as winner of her book giveaway: Peace of Mind & Body: 27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness by Mari L. McCarthy.  
If I'm brave I may share some of the insights I find out about myself.  Come on back to see what I discover about myself when I start this journaling adventure.

Buyer Beware!!!!  I bought some $25.00 coupons last fall for $2.00 a piece  thinking I was getting a great, wonderful, fantastic deal.  I was able to use a couple, but the great, wonderful, fantastic deal turned into more of an okay deal.  Because the restaurant charges 18% gratuity for the pleasure of getting $25.00 off your bill, if you're not careful you don't save much.  Then said restaurant decides that they no longer honor these coupons when you try to redeem.  So, just as a heads up, be careful.  Remember the saying, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

I just love it when I pray specifically about something and just wait for God's answer.  Sometimes that answer is long in coming, but if I've prayed SPECIFICALLY then no matter how long it takes to come to pass, I see God's answer.  
This past weekend I was praying specifically for someone to see a pattern in their life that wasn't the best for them.  While having a conversation with the person I was praying for they said God had shown them something about themself.  They said 'word for word' what I had prayed for God to show them.  I laughed and told them that was exactly what I had prayed about.  Yes, my God is THAT personal.

While I'm on the subject of answered prayer.  I have been praying since my children started to abandon me, um, leave home, for God to show me what I am to be concentrating on in the next phase of life (aka: old age).  I've tossed around getting  my education degree, but the little I've looked into it, it sounds very expensive and a lot of work, so I've not really explored that seriously.  This week I've received an answer for now.  The answer involves a review program for Eternal Encouragement magazine called The Gabby Moms that I have been a part of for 5 months.  Eternal Encouragement is all about encouraging wives/moms in their role in the family.  To help them to be what Jesus wants them to be.  The Gabby Moms has become a part of that mission.  The wonderful woman who has been 'heading' up this program has decided to give up the position but didn't want the program to go under.  A call went out for someone to take over.  I felt a gentle prodding that I was to "throw in my apron".  So I did.  After speaking with the owner of Eternal Encouragement I have been offered the position of Head Mama for The Gabby Moms program.  I am a firm believer in the admonition in Titus 2 for the older women to teach the younger women  "what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled."  Much to my amazement, I find myself in this 'older woman' role.  Not sure when that all happened, but it has.  So I'm thankful that God has shown me what He has for me at this time in my life when I was floundering with purpose.
I've had a horrible headache three nights in a row now.  Maybe it's allergies, although they don't usually give me headaches..UGH!

Please join up with me so I can read about YOUR week.
No blog?  Share a highlight of your week in the comments!


  1. Cindy- I'm coming! I'm still working on my post- Loved yours and congrats on being head mom! I know that many will benefit from the sharing of your faith! I'll be back!

  2. Cool hop idea! I linked a post from this week that made me laugh!


    My favorite post this week was about the $15 skirts my friend GiGi and I found and how we styled them!!
    Fun Blog hop!! Look forward to reading others!!



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