Week At a Glance 2

May 8 - 14, 2011

This is my first attempt at hosting a blog hop.  
Feel free to join and recruit your fellow bloggers!
The rules are simple.  
1.  Write a post about your week, Anything you want! Or just link to your favorite post. 
2.  Please copy and paste the Week At a Glance button to that post. 
3.  Come here and  link up your post below.  Linky will be active from Saturday - Tuesday!

You can then have fun "hopping" around to read about other bloggers weeks or their favorite post of the week.   

Every week I will pick a blogger to highlight.  That blogger will receive spot #2, please visit their blog and follow them.

Now for My Week At a Glance;

Nice way to begin a week by honoring MOMS!

But do we really need a day to do that? 
Moms are who they are cuz they can't help it.  I know I can't.  The love, time, care, sacrifice, etc that I give to my kids just comes naturally.  I think it is just something God puts in a woman while she is expecting that grows and grows as time goes by.  So, although it's wonderful to have a least one day a year when moms are thanked, I know that this mom would do what she does anyway. (yea, and sometimes complain about it).   

My kids "thanked" me with phone calls and a dinner.  My oldest gave me a little book where she wrote notes to me reminiscing of times gone by.  She wants this to be something I can read when I am missing her.  It has a permanent place in my purse, as I'll need to be looking at it a lot :)

Last year I got involved in mystery shops.  This is when a company hires me to go into a place of business and evaluate certain aspects of it undercover!  OOOOO....so spy-like.  Seeing that I am a critical person, well, maybe that is a bit harsh.  Let's just say that I usually see the "bad" first.  I do enjoy doing this.  So far I have spied on banks, convenience stores, cell phone retailers, movie theaters, hardware stores, and others.   
Out of this came a job being a greeting card merchandiser in a chain store.  I am the one who has to organize and order the cards on a bi-monthly basis.  
This week this store had a major renovation.  My card rack was downsized from 19 feet to 15 feet, so I had to go in and reset the whole 15 foot display. 
I am an organizer, so I was actually looking forward to this job.  Let's just say I'm glad that I don't have to do this every day.  I'm glad I am able to be a SAHM (stay at home mom).  I was on my feet for 6 hours straight.  Can you say, "ouch, my poor feet?"  But it is done and it looks good!

While checking my emails this week I found a request from a company asking me to do a review.
The very first time I've been sought out.  Hooray!!!  That was quite a boost.  This blogging stuff is very time consuming, I love it or I wouldn't bother, but sometimes I wonder what I'm doing.  This certainly was a morale booster!

We had 2 absolutely gorgeous days in a row!  Fabulous!  I just had to be outside most of the time. I was able to accomplish all the inside work in record time.  Incentives sure do motivate :)
The first day I worked in the flower garden.  Doesn't look like I did much, but what I did looks great!
Here's a wild flower bush my mom and I transplanted a couple years ago.  All weeded and mulched.

The 2nd sunny day I helped my son with his firewood bundles by splitting the chunks of wood.  Boy, was it hot out....not complaining AT ALL.  I love it!


  1. Excellent! Blogger's mess last night and today has me way behind. I will shoot to join up next week!

  2. Guess who won my giveaway? That's right, it's YOU! I'm going to post and email you today!

  3. @EmptyNesterLooking forward to having you be a part of it seeing you were my inspiration :)

  4. @EmptyNesterYAY!!! Something fun to post about for next week's My Week at a Glance


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