Week At a Glance 4

May 22 - 28 2011

This is my first attempt at hosting a blog hop.  
Feel free to join and recruit your fellow bloggers!
The rules are simple.  
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You can then have fun "hopping" around to read about other bloggers weeks or their favorite post of the week. 

This week was like a dream... a dream when I'm running as fast as I possibly can, my legs are getting tired, my breath is coming in gasps, BUT I'm getting nowhere. And I wake up exhausted from all that running in place.   Yup, that's been this week. 

Unfortunately I haven't been dreaming much because I'm having issues with sleep.  The kind of nights where I go to bed so very tired, lay there unable to go to sleep and when I finally do, I wake a couple hours later, unable to go back to sleep.  This pattern repeats like a bad song in my mind until around 5 am when I awake one last time not to nod back into slumber until I try again at night.  UGH!!!!  

We've had a week of on again off again rain.  Last night we had our first thunderstorm of the season.  It was a doozy....it lasted about 6 hours.  The sky would light up, then BANG!  Even our windows shook.  Of course, we lost power. Everyone was in bed early, what else can we do without power?  Pretty sad that our lives come to a halt when we can't turn on a light, watch tv, use the computer or vacuum....(that part wasn't missed).  

Between the raindrops I was able to mow our lawns and go for a bike ride with friends.  That was the extent of my outdoor activities.  Between the rain and black flies, activities that involve being outside were slim.  I'm anxious for the warmth of summer with a gentle breeze billowing through my hair.....cue to sweet summer music ;)


  1. I'll be linking up tomorrow! Have you received your book yet? If not, I'm about to get all Dirty Harry on them. LOL


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