The day I heard: IT'S A BOY :)

What is it with wives and desiring to give their husbands a son? 

Don't we realize we really have no control over the gender?  

Scientifically, the male decides the gender...

yet, after having 2 wonderful daughters, I wanted to give my hubby a son. 

Back in my child-bearing days (boy, that makes me sound so old!), we didn't know for sure the gender until we heard the doctor announce it!

Well, I heard those words I longed for

 "It's a boy!"

 on June 23, 1991
 when Ethan James  joined our ever growing family.
The other 'moms'

Little did I know what an adventure this tiny little boy was going to bring to my life!  

Boys really ARE different than girls....and not just in anatomy either :)  
My boy was VERY demanding. 
When he wanted mama, it was NOW...or anything for that matter.  He made sure everyone around him knew he was NOT happy and that something better be done to take care of his happiness.

Really now?  Could you refuse this face?

As he grew he was put through a lot of 'girl' stuff with 2 older sisters...playing dress-up, doing fashion shows, being dressed as a girl, performing in his oldest sister's plays or videos.  
Yet even after all that....he was all boy.    He would get Mandie-moo to climb trees, walk in the woods (sometimes getting lost), and do the 'boy' things with him until his brother finally came along 4 years later!  

Yes, brother survived :)

All my children are blessed with lots of hair.  First haircut was at 6 months.  Thankfully Pepere was a barber as bi-monthly haircuts were necessary.  Mom attempted a few times, but after cutting one kid's ear, I hung up my shears.
I love this face!

Educating him was not all that bad until he became a teen at which time he thought he knew much more than I being that I was 'only a woman'.  I remember many days my husband coming home and my begging him to take him to work with him...PLEASE.  He needs his dad's influence.  I had to wait until he was 16 before that happened!

Somehow as I was watching my little boy turned into a caring, gentle, wonderful man....when did it happen?  How did we get from 1991 to 2011 so quickly?

Now my little boy is doing these things to scare the bejebees out of me!

And the saddest, yet bittersweet part of it all is I am no longer the only woman in his life...... I've got some adorable competition!

I am grateful for this amazing blessing of a son....MY SON.  He will always be mommy's little matter how old, or who else enters his life.  There is a special place this mom's heart for her firstborn son.  I am excited to watch the years to come to see where God is going to bring this little boy :)

I love you Eebajay!