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This week’s statements 
1.      When I reflect back upon my life, I regret_______  
2.      I over use the word______
3.      The first time I saw the beach/mountains was when I was ______
4.      ________ reminds me of the color yellow.

My Answers: 
1.      When I reflect back upon my life, I regret my wasted teen years of rebellion.  I could have made a lasting difference in people's lives, but I was too selfish, wanting to be accepted more than caring about others.

2.      I over use the words "are you kidding me?"  Yea, and of course I HATE it when I tell someone something serious and they say that....Why would I kid about something so's no joke, but yet I do this every time I'm told something that is hard to hear.

ME enjoying a favorite place!

3.   The first time I saw the beach/mountains was when I was living in NH during my elementary years.  My family moved from MD to NH when I was 8, so that was when I first remember seeing the beach and the mountains.  

4.    A smiley face reminds me of the color yellow.  I used to collect yellow smiley faces.  I have jewelry, mugs, vases, plaques, pins, buttons, posters, pillows all with smiley's on them.  Oh by the way, REAL smiley faces do NOT have noses!

What about YOU?  Will you share your answers below?

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  1. Lucky that you stopped rebelling after your teen years- I still find myself rebelling in certain situations. LOL

  2. Okay, Cindy...I should be working on a little something for someone special right at this moment, but I'm here answering your questions instead ;)

    Don't worry, I'll get to that something special, too.

    1. I hear the answer that you gave, loud and clear and can feel it in my heart. For me, maybe having taken better care of myself in those earlier years and listening to the Spirit inside more often than I did.

    2. OH! I'm not sure you want to know this answer. I over use the words..."I'm sick of it!" mostly when my boys are fighting and I must discipline them. In my head, I use, "I don't wanna." way too often. But...on the good side of this....I also say "I love that! or this!" very much.

    3. My first real beach experience was when I was just a little duffer, around four or five. My mom and I went by bus to New Hampshire to visit an old friend of hers - we went to the ocean. The mountains....oh, boy. I don't know, I've always lived here in Vermont and have been on many of these Green Mountains :)

    4. This one made me tear up, make me miss my mom. Sorry, but it's true. My HOME, the one that I grew up in, the one that my mom made just right with her love...was yellow - my first thought. I love the color yellow!!

    Okay. Now, I need to shake it off and get on with the busy day. Fun to answer your questions, Cindy.

  3. Why would anyone put a nose on a smiley face? That's just wrong. Enjoyed your answers!

  4. @EmptyNester
    What makes you think that I have stopped rebelling? haha
    Now when I do, it is for very good reasons...not necessarily selfishness :)

  5. @Heather T.
    yellow is my fav color, too Memories are God's gift to us and so are tears..don't be afraid of them ;)

  6. @Beverly @ The Buzz
    Yea, a smiley with a nose looks like *** well, I won't say it cuz you are trying to find a better word ;)

  7. I love how you did this.. The pictures are great!!!!

  8. @Hilary's hard to get the spacing right, but I did it!


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