My Week At A Glance 10 & 11

July 3 -15

I've been so busy the past 2 weeks I've not taken the time to blog about it.  Now when I sit down to do so, I can't think of what I've done :)

When did our kids grow up and start having kids?  Last week I attended a baby shower for a daughter of my friend of 40 years (oh, that's when it happened!) 
(the 'hottie' with the sunglasses is the daddy-to-be)

then Sunday we went to my favorite place EVER!  The beach, that is the OCEAN beach!   The only problem was that everyone else and his brother/sister/uncle/cousin/mother thought it was a great beach day also.  A normal 40 minute drive took us 2 hours!  UGH!!! As I got more and more annoyed, my daughter kept telling me it would be worth it once I got on the sand and in the water!  She must have a smart mom, cuz she was right.
Here she is with hubby carrying her onto the beach as the day before she broke her toe :(

Cool dude at the beach with us
My 3 year old GREAT nephew :)

How to build a sandcastle 101 by Auntie Cindy

The older kids went down by the water and built a very nice sandcastle.  No pictures because my battery died :(  
We enjoyed our day in the sun.  The water was actually quite warm, not foot numbing cold as usual.  The waves were great, but I got exhausted as they kept coming and coming and coming.  I couldn't keep up.  Have I ever said how much I LOVE THE BEACH?  I will get back there at least one more time this summer.  

All other days were the same 'ole, same 'ole.....either I was not feeling well, working on the computer, doing housework/yard work, or cooking.   Ya know, nothing really exciting...just living from day to day !

Any interesting highlights from your past 2 weeks?


  1. Nothing exciting here either. Just routine. Next week will be tough though--Birdie leaves for Texas and the baby turns 20.

  2. @EmptyNester
    And we trudge on, even when we don't really want to !

  3. I love the beach too. It has always been one of my favorite places to go. I got to enjoy it vicariously though your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. @CharlotteNext time I'm there I'll soak up some sun for you ;)


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