Bible Study the Grapevine Way

Over the years not only have I been a homeschool teacher but also a Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and Kids Club teacher.  I've seen many Bible curriculums, but none like Grapevine Studies.    

This unique program uses simple stick figures to engage the students.  As the Bible account unfolds, stick figures are drawn to help teach the lesson.  Students copy figures the teacher draws while teaching.  After the lesson, each student is able to retell the lesson using the drawings they made.  What a great review tool also.  

I had the pleasure to review their newest book "Joseph"

From the website:
Walk with Joseph as he goes from a prince in Canaan to slavery in Egypt and then to the courts of Pharaoh. Your students will enjoy this engaging Bible study! Take your students on a journey with Joseph as he travels from the tents of Jacob to the house of Potiphar and eventually to the courts of Pharaoh.

This chronological study of the life of Joseph will engage your student's intellect and imagination! 

The teacher's guide is simple to follow. It starts off with overall goals for the teacher and students.  Moving onto needed supplies and then a daily or weekly schedule.  Teacher's notes are included to help explain how to use the guide.
The best part of the teacher's guide is the 'section goals and key points'.  This just reminds the teacher of the most important parts of the lesson that need to be emphasized.  

At the beginning of each lesson there is a timeline review followed by memory verse practice.  Each lesson ends with review questions that cover all lesson studied thus far.    

Ok, so there's the 'overview' of what this contains.  BUT what do I think of this curriculum?
  • Well, any newbie or veteran teacher can pick it up and begin.  Preparation is minimal.  A huge plus!  
  • Young and old can draw these figures without struggle.  I'm NOT an artist at all, but even I can handle these figures ;)
  • I like that the student text (at least the multi-level one that I reviewed) had the Bible reference and a few words about the picture.  This way the students only need to draw, no other writing is necessary. 
  • The built in review using a timeline is a great way to see what the students remember from the previous lesson.
  • Memory verses correspond to the lesson that has just been taught. This is just another reinforcement that will help students to remember the lessons.
  • By the end of a book, you and your student will have rich understanding of the topic studied with plenty of pages to look back at for review.
We used markers for our drawings...colored pencils are recommended and I agree that would be much better.

Grapevine Studies offers e-books and printed books for ages 5 - adult. The topics include:  OT & NT Studies, Birth of Jesus, Biblical Feasts, Esther, Ruth, Resurrection and more. 

The website offers individual elessons for only $1.95 each.  This is a great way to spruce up your class.

There are downloadable samples of all they have to offer.  Try before you buy...and I think you WILL want to buy after you try ;)

Once you've used a sample, you too will want to have one of their topics.  Well, GOOD NEWS!!!!Grapevine Studies is offering a 20% discount to all my readers on non-sale items until the end of September.  Use this code: Blog55 at checkout.

I highly recommended this one-of-a-kind Bible curriculum!