Gabby Moms August Review: Last 3 of the 5 R's

From Homekeeping 101 
to Graduating with Honors

Over the years I have done my share of gathering books, reading this article or that article, trying one idea or another to help me do a better job of keeping my house.  Some ideas have stayed around and really helped, others I just tried and discarded with the trash.

Lorrie Flem has added to my arsenal of ideas with these 7 PLANS:
     1.  Plan to manage
     2.  Plan to improve
     3.  Plan to start strong
     4.  Plan to do it first
                                                                        5.  Plan to bless others
                                                                        6.  Plan to feed
                                                                        7.  Plan to clean 

I think the key is  TO PLAN!

If no goal is set, you will hit it every time, without fail! 

As always, Lorrie does not just give some far out ideas of what to do, but lays out practical ways to accomplish your plan!

But let's not stop with the physical house cleaning, what about a mental house cleaning.....this one is much harder!

Here are 7 keys to help:
1.  Clean out the anger, jealously, hatred and self-doubt (my worst one)
2.  Wash away delay and procrastination (another tough one for me)
3.  Dust off your attitude and put on a fresh coat of positive (ouch, now it's getting too personal)
4.  Throw out misunderstanding and lack of patience 
5.  Lighten up your thoughts with humor and fun.
6.  Open up the windows of your mind to new ideas and a fresh perspective on living a happier, easier, and better life.
7.  Enjoy the person you are.


Trying to get a good picture with this crazy bunch!

My children are all grown...well, mostly anyway.  I still have a 13 year old and 17 year old at home.  
The ideas that Lorrie shares here I can give a hearty "AMEN" to. I have practiced them throughout the child-rearing years to produce well-adjusted, happy, hard-working young adults, to which I truly give GOD all the glory.  He took my meager efforts and blessed them abundantly.


The most powerful comment Lorrie makes in this session for me is:  "I find when I get my priorities straight, that is when I find peace and rest."   Oh, so very true!  

What are 'straight' priorities?  Well,  here they are:

• My husband
• My children
• My home
• My parents, in-laws, extended family, church, friends, and neighbors
• My outside ministries

For too many years, I've had this mixed up!  It sure does rob me of peace and rest when I get out of focus in this area.  
For me, this is a constant struggle.  The one who gets me first is the most pressing at the moment. Sometimes that IS necessary, but too often, the most pressing is really NOT what should come first. 
I've really had to rethink in this area since listening to this session.  Now I know what Lorrie means by:  "Give it up and get it all"!

The 5 R's for Godly Womanhood have touched on so many areas.  I will have to go back and listen to these sessions again and again to be reminded and refreshed in these important areas of my life.  EVERY woman should listen to these audios or read these e-books, BUT only if you truly desire to be all that God would have you to be as a Godly woman.

The products from Eternal Encouragement have been such a blessing to me (yet, sometimes, at first, it seems a curse ;)  when I am deeply convicted in an area that needs changing)  

Do you want to be blessed?  The Gabby Moms is accepting applications for the 2012 program. If you have a blog, love God and being a wife/mom, click here for an application.

*As part of The Gabby Moms, I was given a complimentary copy of the 5R's for my honest review.


  1. I'm still struggling with the mental house cleaning! LOL But seriously, those are good.

  2. Isn't this a great set? I should listen to #3 again LOL.

  3. Lots of stuff to digest in this review, huh?

  4. @EmptyNester
    And the cobwebs up there are getting thicker too ;)

  5. @Victoria
    Yes, an overwhelming amount of info...It's hard to do it justice and keep it brief

  6. It's a great series. I'm so glad I have it to be able to read/listen again!

  7. Love the way you ended it, Cindy, with a challenge to us all. ;)


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