One Year Blogoversary! begins an 8 day giveaway extravaganza DAY 7: YOU MUST BE AN IDIOT

The best thing about this game is that you really don't need to know the answers...good thing, because I really didn't KNOW the answers!  

How to play:
Can you tell who's really an Idiot and who's just Faking? Each round, everyone is dealt a card telling them whether they are an Idiot or not. The current Genius gets to ask a special Trivia question of their choice from the card in their hand. Everyone writes their answers down, BUT.. if you're an Idiot, you MUST answer incorrectly... Once all the answers are revealed, it's your job to figure out who's definitely an Idiot. Gotta be careful though! Call somebody an Idiot who's not and they steal points from you! And Idiots who don't get caught get BONUS points! So the question you have to ask in this game is.... Who's REALLY the Idiot and WHO's just fooling? 

3-6 players Contents: Board, EZ-Play rulesheet, 19 pawns, 180 Trivia question cards, 60 WHO-AM-I? cards, 6 pencils, 6 answer pads.

This game is best played with the maximum of 6 people who can 'take it' when you falsely call them an idiot!  Don't play with anyone who is may end up getting into a fight ;)

A feature I really like about this game is that the way to score is written right on the playing board.  This way everyone can figure out who gets what points easily.  Also, the rules for the length of game is every player reads 2 questions.  This can be adjusted to whatever you choose.  We played for a specified time period.  The player with the most points, wins.

The questions, I felt, were very hard.  Most of us didn't know the answers to many of the questions we used.  Which turned this into a guessing game that produced a lot of laughs at the interesting answers we came up with.

The title "You Must be an Idiot"  is a great name, but the actual playing, well, let me just say, it is not one of my favorites.  It did receive the Top Ten Games award one maybe I really AM an idiot!

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