Cherished Book Review

Truly a work of fiction....a 'feel good/sappy romance'. 

Sure, there's a couple heavy topics:  abortion, adultery BUT how easily the characters deal with these topics is unrealistic=fiction.

Having said that, I did enjoy it...sometimes it's nice to read 
a happy story where everyone does exactly what they should and all end up happily ever after.  

Fantasy is nice, while living in the real world.  It can take you to a place you will never really experience in this life..

So if you need a bit of a boost, a smile, or a bit of romance....pick up Cherished!

* I received a complimentary copy from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Too bad we can't just get that from life. All the time. But then, we'd probably just get bored wouldn't we? LOL

  2. Yea, I guess it would be boring....but is boring really all that bad?


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