Homeschool Mothers Journal 2

In our homeschool this week:

Julie-bug started a quilt project.

Beginner Pattern chosen


Far left will be the border print...the others have been cut into 3" strips.

3" strips sewn together then cut into 3" strips to make the blocks

That's as far as she has gotten.  She has really taken to this which is a surprise to me :)

What is working for us: 
This year we started August 1st with one subject.  We have added a subject each week since then.  This has been a great way to ease back into school without being overwhelmed  By the time we come back from vacation (Sept 26) we will be going full-force!  I highly recommend this way of beginning.


  1. That is going to be a lovely quilt! Birdie is trying her hand at a quilt too---she says it's hard. I've heard that too. Which is why I don't quilt. LOL

    You make me miss our homeschooling days!

  2. @EmptyNesterI saw the wonderful pics of Birdie's sewing projects. What fun for her :)
    I wouldn't say hard, just very time-consuming and you've got to be particular...that's my trouble, I'm a "that's good enough" kind of gal


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