Week At a Glance 17

September 2 - 9

On Sunday my friend asked me  how my schedule for the week looked.  I replied that I had a totally open week....pulled out my pocket calendar and showed her....a totally blank week.  Not one activity, appointment, person vying for my attention ALL WEEK!  

My plan was to have school and just do whatever else around the house that I wanted to....

The beginning of the week I spent ALOT of time working on my one year old project

THE I SPY QUILT I wrote about here

the finished top only

I am having my daughter make a quilt for school this year...so we got started on that.  Want to 'see' the pattern she has chosen and how she is doing?  click here.

To give her a feel for quilting.  We started a practice quilt.  We cut all the strips and sewed ONE block all out of material I had in my stash.  She really caught on quickly. 

Looking at all the cut strips, I decided to make a quilt from the same pattern my daughter is using.  Why not?  The project is already started.  So we became quilting maniacs!  Hours upon hours in the sewing room together sewing away.

This is what I was working on Wednesday evening at 8:45 when a the phone rang:

I never imagined how that ring would change my week!


"Your father has fallen.  He is in a lot of pain.  Your mom is taking him to the hospital"

Project forgotten...quickly dressing, off to the hospital I go.

I arrived minutes after my mom and dad.  As they were trying to maneuver him out of the car, I knew it was bad by all the yelling he was doing.

Pain management was an issue all night.  He is allergic to morphine.  Let me tell you....  Sitting there as my dad is moaning, crying, yelling in pain for hours was heart wrenching.  What I felt was helpless and useless, but I wasn't going to leave his side.

Just as I suspected, the doctor tells us he has broken his hip...oh, GREAT!  I think...now what.

He has to be transported by ambulance to a hospital 100 miles away...wonderful!  At 2:30 in the morning he leaves by ambulance as my mom follows in her car.  I drive home to hopefully get some sleep and figure out when I need to get down to the hospital.  

Sleep does NOT come easy...by 4 am, I finally lapse into a fitful sleep dreaming not very pleasant things about my dad....by 6 am I can no longer sleep.  My mind/heart is too full....with only 2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period, my emotions raw, my fearful thoughts swirling in my head this is what I write....the same 'ole story.

He has suffered much in the past 10 years...conjestive heart failure, heart transplant, multiple cancers due to medication needed to keep his 'new' heart safe, a diagnosis of 6 - 12 months to live due to the most recent cancer infiltrating his body and now partial  hip replacement surgery ....

Oh to go back to the beginning of the week when my calendar was empty....I wish it would have stayed empty...I prefer emptiness to this


  1. @CraftyThanks so much. We are only staying sane because of the prayers of many ;)

  2. That poor man! I am praying for him and the rest of you as well! I just spent yesterday with my mother in the hospital but nothing as severe as your dad. Wish I could do something...anything.

    Even in your distress, you write beautifully.

  3. Lots of love and prayers for Dad and all of us who love him!!


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