Raising Real Men Book Review

Yes, if  you have boys this is a MUST READ book!  

Take the time in between ER visits, breaking up fights, running from wiggly "things" he wants to show you, cleaning scrapped knees and loving that boy of yours to read this book.

This is NOT a 'this is the only way to be successful' kind of book.  From the perspective of a mom and dad with 6 boys who have seen, done and lived it all, you will be shown how this family is training their boys to be godly young men.  

Using scripture to back up their ideas, (who can argue with God?) you will be shown 'how' to take the traits that boys are born with; hero worship, adventure, recklessness, competitiveness, pride, leadership, etc. and use them to grow your boy into a man that God can use for His glory.

I did not have this book while raising my 2 boys, now 20 and 17, but I did have God's Word, where the authors, Hal & Melanie Young gleaned their ideas from for Raising Real Men.  I can proudly say, while thanking God, that my 2 boys ARE real men.  Perfect?  Don't make me laugh, BUT they love God and family.

Interested in reading a chapter?  Click here to do just that ;)

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