Week At a Glance 26

November 5 - 10

I am posting early this week (I'm making up for being late last week) because tomorrow is my birthday.  I have a very special day planned.  I am going wedding dress shopping with my Sampy-June!  I am hoping that I will be able to buy her the wedding dress of her dreams on my birthday.  Wouldn't THAT be a special gift?

After shopping my children are taking me to The Olive Garden for dinner to be followed by hours of laughter and fun playing games together.  I am looking forward to a wonderful day ;)  I'll be sure to post pics and tell y'all about it next week ;)

Last week's Week At A Glance post I told about the ladies conference I went to at Word Of Life in Schroon Lake, NY.  But I forgot to mention that in order to get there I had to board a ferry.  The old Champlain Bridge connecting VT and NY was demolished in 2009 because it was deemed unsafe after 80 years of use.   We were 3 days too early to experience the opening of this newly constructed bridge.

This is what we saw as we entered NY on the ferry:
Even though we were only on the ferry for less than 5 minutes, I prefer to keep my feet on dry land, thank you very much!

Driving home from the fun task of weekly grocery shopping, I noticed something interesting on the lake.  So I drove down to the boat access area and climbed out of the van to get a better look at what it was.  As soon as I opened the door I heard very loud honking sounds....This is what I saw:

There must have been 500 Canadian geese on the lake, taking a break as they head south.  I so wish I could hop on their backs to  join them!  But no, I have to stay here in the cold north :(

Well, I'm off to pack my bags for a fun-filled weekend!