My Week At A Glance 30

December 25 - 30

After an extremely busy week last week, this one brought payback fatigue....

do you know what that is? 

 It is burn-out, 

a body that says: "you overdid last week, I'm resting this week"

Ummmm...yea.  So I spent most of the beginning of the week catching up on Gabby Moms stuff, blogging, paperwork and sleeping, a lot of sleeping!

I did watch my 9 year old nephew 2 days.  He's on school vacation so his mom asked if I would help so my 86 year old mom-in-law wouldn't have to watch him everyday.  He's a good boy, but a BOY and NINE...need I say more?

My daughter and I were discussing the people we expect to attend our New Year's Eve party (more on that next week, with lots of pics).  She asked me what she should call those people who are more than friends but not really related.  We decided to call them:


It means: special people in your life who are much more than  friends, but didn't have the 'pleasure' of being born into your family! The ones you've decided to add to your family tree.

We have many of those, do you?

The second half of this week involved continuing to get ready for New Year's Eve party with making up more beds (6 to be exact), vacuuming, mopping (why we mop BEFORE people come in to mess up the floors is a mystery), shopping, baking, wash towels, clean bathrooms, put away extra jackets, boots, etc to make room in mudroom, plan games, buy items needed to play games, and sleep....a lot of sleep as I don't plan on getting much of that this weekend!  

I expect the beginning of next week will be another time of "payback fatigue" for me :/


  1. That's the perfect word for them and, yes, we have many too! We usually host an oyster roast on New Year's Eve but this year Hubs is not feeling well and my dad and stepmom can't come due to surgery for her. So we will just come to yours. LOL Have a great gathering and a Happy New Year!

  2. @EmptyNesterMy other kids didn't really like ournew word....
    Come on over!


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