Pillow or Pillar?

I read this yesterday in an email newsletter, Serenity for you Soul, I receive from Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement Magazine.  God has used this ministry in my life so many ways this past year as I have been a part of Eternal Encouragement's blogging program, The Gabby Moms.  

Here is another example of God's loving care to me during this time of grieving:

Life doesn't always follow our carefully laid-out schedule. We can think, carefully arrange, and thoughtfully plan, but when it comes right down to it, our plans may not mesh with His plans. You see, God's plans for us often come wrapped in things like, "Drew needs surgery tomorrow," or "Honey, the boss flew in and instead of going out to dinner, he wants to eat at home with us tonight," or "Lorrie, my mom just died." It's at these moments we KNOW God's perfect will for us. We need to look no further. And when it comes right down to it, nothing reaches us that hasn't been filtered through His fingers. 

So what do we do? We act upon His plan. You set aside homeschool, plan what to do with the children, and go pray and read while your son has surgery. You run to the freezer and the cupboards and make a new plan for dinner as necessary. You clean house, rally your troops, get your makeup on, pray for a right attitude, and put a smile on when you talk about it. Or you sit and listen to your friend, you pray for her, and you whisper to your kids that your friend needs you. So they can come and sit in your lap, but homeschool takes a back burner right now.

You adapt. You flex. You welcome His will, because that is always where we want to be -- right in the center of His will, not yours. 

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The Choice Is Yours  

You can be a Pillow Christian, choosing the comfort of your pillow when it comes to seeking after Christ, or you can be a Pillar Christian, steadfast in your love for Jesus, proudly bearing His name regardless of Satan's attacks or trials or testings. You may not be strong in your own ability, but you are strong in Christ. Your faith allows you to see Him at work, and allows Him to make you a pillar in the temple of God.

A Pillar Christian always holds the strong right hand of Jesus Christ. He holds eternity, He holds the churches, He holds the Holy Spirit, yet He can hold your hand. When you hold the hand of Jesus, you hold on to all that power, you are holding onto eternity!  

I so desire to be a Pillar Christian...how about you?

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