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As with most home schoolers when I began over 20 years ago I thought I had to do it all.....just like 'regular' school.  We bought the desks, set up calendars, hung posters  and purchased a complete curriculum. I thought this is what I was 'supposed' to do.

For me, this only brought frustration, especially as more children came. The 2nd child didn't work well with this 'complete curriculum' I had purchased.  Why wasn't this working the way it did when I was in school.....every student learned exactly the same way, no adjusting because someone else learns differently.   I dreaded getting out of bed because we HAD to school.  What I thought was going to be a great experience, turned into just adding another 'chore' to accomplish each day. I thought Time passes and mom/teacher gets totally worn out.  More kids come, more planning, more, more, more....I can't DO ANY MORE!

Basically I had brought school home,
 I wasn't HOME schooling.

I discovered that each child learns differently.  The curriculum that works with one may very well flop with another.  Yearly adjustments are necessary.  So I researched, bought books, tried them, failed, sold them, bought some more until I found what worked best for US!  What worked best for each one of my children.  I found out years later that this is called 'eclectic homeschooling'.  Using a variety of curriculum to fit your student's needs.

After years of trying to figure it all out for myself (poor kids) I finally decided that if my children left my 'school' with these basic ideas, then we were successful:

Make God #1 in their lives

Learn HOW to learn

Know where to find the information on the subject you wish to learn about

Twenty years have passed  Four of my children have graduated. All four are living productive lives beyond our home.  Each one has taken what they learned under my roof all those years and are now living it. Each one has taken the basic ideas and made them their own.  We have been successful !!

The ONLY thing I can think of at the moment that I would do differently is for mom/teacher to ENJOY the time more.  Rather than looking at the education of my children as another 'thing' I had to do, I would embrace it, enjoy it, and love EVERY minute.  Yes, even the bad days...because all too soon you'll be wishing even for one bad school day.....JUST so you could have them all home again.

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    1. Absolutely!!!
      I agree completely. The method of instruction is nowhere near as important as the relationships we have with our children. We in year 14 of our homeschool journey, with 10 years to go.... :)

    2. Great post, you are so right! If I had to do school at home, I would just quit and send them to school, because schools do that so much better than I ever could. But it's really hard at times to relax and stop thinking of it as a race to get the most knowledge. ;0)

      Thank you for sharing your valuable experiences with the Virtual Curriculum Fair.

    3. thanks..putting God first is the best lesson for anyone !

    4. WOW, Cindy, great post. This is so ironic. I have ben planning a new post (blog) along the same lines as your. its so great to know that there are so many other home schooling parents that have do-overs and re-do's, till they get it right. The best part of schooling at home is that we get the chance to incorporate, God into our lives more and can change it up on any given day. I am such a pusher to get things accomplished, that many times I, have to stop and remember, to have fun and its ok if it doesnt all get done today !! Thanks for your encouraging, inspiring post.
      Pam Ball


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