Math Anyone?

Let's talk Math!

Some kids have a mind for math, others, not so  much!  When you have a child who doesn't really 'get' math, it makes it very hard to find a curriculum that really works. 

As with most homeschoolers, I started with Saxon.  It was THE math program when homeschooling was new to me.   I liked the spiral method and used this curriculum for many years.  Then I hit algebra!  UGH!!  When I was in high school I did very well with Algebra 1, but Algebra 2, not so  much.  I attribute the understanding of Algebra with the teacher.  I had a fantastic Algebra 1 teacher but the Algebra 2 teacher understood it well enough, but couldn't TEACH it.  I fell under the category of 'couldn't TEACH' it.  SO when it came time for Algebra we used Key To.  This has worked very well for us.  It introduces algebraic concepts without delving into it too far.  

I didn't have math lovers..I knew not one of my children was going to need further math so I concerned myself more with everyday math:  checkbooks, budgeting, insurance, saving, even some accounting.  The REAL LIFE stuff!  

My husband and I took a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class online.  We followed Dave's game plan and were able to become debt free.  It took a lot of sacrifices, but we did it!  We decided that our children HAD to learn to manage their money the Dave Ramsey way.  

When he came out with a high school math course, I was thrilled and immediately bought it!  

This is what is our high school math is a MUST in our home school.   
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  1. And there you have the reason my girls went to public high school. I couldn't do the math! LOL Seriously, I couldn't so it was just as well they did go to public high school.

    You've been tagged at my blog today!

  2. There are soo many choices today...even DVD's so no teaching involved!


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