Week At a Glance 31

December 31 - January 6

Our New Year's Eve party was a great success.  We had 37 people!  So much for keeping it small this year ;)

Here are some pics of 'Minute to Win It' games we played:

Oreo cookie is placed on forehead...using only facial muscles, move cookie into mouth :)

How about stacking 6 dice on a popsicle stick held in your mouth?

Be a houdini and pull out the index cards so the cups drop inside each other:

Now let's flick some paper footballs into the bowl without knocking over the goal post cups.

Move and stack 3 soda cans with only a partner, a spaghetti noodle and your mouth.
I had some trouble with this at first:  All I needed was my glasses...Thanks Emillie ;)

Move your toothbrush from one holder to another ten feet away using only the brim of your hat:

We played these games for a couple of hours.  We had a lot of fun and even more laughs.

There was also ping pong, round robin, video games and other card/board games played throughout the evening.

Can't have a party without food....well, we had PLENTY!!!

By midnight we we all outside to bring in 2012 with a song, a prayer and  a bonfire!