Week At a Glance 32

January 14 -20

Trying to keep up with this every week shows what an uneventful life I really do have :)

Not much exciting happened this week.  I was involved in the usual stuff....cooking, cleaning, blogging, reading, sleeping, almost cutting off my thumb (well, thankfully, that's not 'usual') 
So here's the story:  I have a part-time job as a merchandiser.  This is basically just someone who goes into a retail store and sets up displays, or stocks new items, or just whatever is assigned.  This week I had to set up a  spinning accessory display.  I was having a very difficult time taking apart the existing display (which was perfectly fine, didn't need replacing).  As I was pulling, banging and prying with one  hand and holding the pieces in place so they didn't crash on the floor with the other, one metal piece decides to quickly dislodge on one end and swivel down and close onto my thumb....OUCH!  If it was a little sharper, or a bit heavier, I would have severed my thumb.  Being the brave, diligent worker I am, I continued fighting with said display while I bled all over it.  I'm glad to report that even though I lost a couple of battles and bit of blood, I won the war and the display is completed. 

Other than that exciting story, the rest of the week was spent in a sea of emotion.  Stupid hormones!
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Oh yea, I almost forgot to share with you my latest quilting project.  
A black and white quilt:

Now I can move onto my mom's Remembrance Quilt made from my dad's flannel shirts.  I'm thinking this one will not help with the emotional mess I've been lately :/


  1. OMG that quilt is gorgeous! I love the idea of the quilt with your dad's flannel shirts! Deanie mailed all her ZETA t-shirts to Birdie so that Birdie could make a quilt out of them.

    1. thanks! I'd love to see a pic of that quilt...should be very unique ;)


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