Day 5 of 30 Day Shred Challenge Success

Day 5:  2/26/12
Sunday is usually my day of rest.  A day when I don't involve myself in my normal daily activities. This has probably followed me from childhood.  I remember Sunday's as being the day we attended church services in the morning, came home for a nice dinner, relaxed in the afternoon (I recall Sunday afternoons sitting on my mom's bed with her as she read, wrote notes or we just chatted.) then back to another church service in the evening.  A day much different then all the other days of the week.  

Today was a similar day from my childhood.  Attended church services, enjoyed a relaxed meal then sat around chatting with the kids. these days!  

As we were talking about various topics I asked the kids if I should just skip my shred routine, silently hoping they would say, sure mom, why not!   NOPE, they both immediately said NO!  

OK, away I went, locking myself privately in my bedroom ready for another torture session.

The torture is becoming less and less.  I can 'feel' myself getting stronger!  It really is a good feeling.  

Today I woke not quite a sore, more energized and feeling pretty good.  

Reaching day 5 for me is an accomplishment and I feel successful.  I can continue this, but I am realizing that it will definitely take me more than 30 days....yea, much more.  

If you want to continue to follow my daily shred routine I will continue to post daily updates under the tab at the top of this page titled "30 Day Shred Challenge".  

Until tomorrow!