Fruit or Vegetable? results & Ipad 2 giveaway

That's me....I didn't win the IPad 2 :(
Thanks to all who took the time to vote. 
I don't know who won, but there were some posts with hundreds of likes..
I'm thinking of buying a Kindle Fire.  I've done a bit of research and it seems it can do most of what the ipad2 1/3 the cost.. 

 Anyone have any experience with a Kindle Fire you can share with me?

Now for the fruit or vegetable results...

There were 24 who completed the poll.  

Here's the breakdown:
Fruit:  apple, cucumber, tomato, pea pod, strawberry, green pepper, squash
Veggies:  lettuce, spinach, onion

The first 2 were easy:  apple/fruit, lettuce/veggies
The 3rd one eliminated 11 people:  cucumber/fruit
The 13 remaining all got tomato correct: fruit
Pea pod eliminated another 6: pea pod/fruit
The next 2 the remaining 7 people got correct:  spinach/veggie, strawberry/fruit
Green pepper took out another 3:  green pepper/fruit
The 4 left got onion and squash correct:  onion/veggie, squash/fruit

To those who do not know, as I didn't, here is the 'key' to know a fruit from a veggie.  
A simple definition for fruit is seed container.  Therefore, if the food contains seeds, it is classified as a fruit.  

Congrats to the 4 smarties who know the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. I do not know who you are because the poll was if you wish to brag, comment below that you were one of the 4....even if you don't wish to brag, I'd like to know who is so very smart among my readers ;)


  1. Ok, I would have been eliminated pretty early on. Wish you had won the ipad2. I don't have a kindle fire but I've heard that they are great.

  2. Yea, I've entered another drawing for an ipad2...swagbucks.
    If it don't win this one, I'll probably break down and buy the kindle fire....maybe


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