My Week At A Glance

January 29 - February 4

Since my last Week At A Glance post I have been to the movie theater to see the movie, "We Bought a Zoo".  It was a nice story but I was a bit disappointed that it was rated PG when there was 6 swears in it.  6 totally unnecessary words that made this not a family-friendly movie after all.

The same week I went to a friend's house to watch the movie , "Courageous".  I HIGHLY recommend this movie.  A must watch, especially for the  man in your life.  This one brought every emotion possible to the surface.  It grabbed me at the beginning and kept me laughing, crying, wondering, excited, worried and more throughout the whole thing.  
All my kids were here the last weekend in January to celebrate Julie-bug's birthday. Even though her birthday is not until Feb. 8th this was the time everyone could get together.   It was wonderful to have everyone home.  
just a few of us

The awful flu bug has hit our home.  My hubby has been sick almost all of 2012 thus far!  This past week the fever, cough, chills, and aches returned with a vengeance.   I am being pro-active so I don't get it....I can hope ;) 


  1. Oh gosh, I hope you don't get it! We've been quite lucky so far- what we did get just lasted a couple of weeks and didn't put us down. I love the picture of part of your family! That must have been the best weekend in far. I'll have to tell my dad about the zoo movie. He hates it when they put those words in PG movies.


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