30 Day Shred Challenge and my knees

I think I missed a day of journalling my 30 day shred...but I've not been consistent since vacation, so it really doesn't matter.

My knees have still been giving me ALOT of pain, therefore, I decided as soon as I returned home from vacation I would make a doctor visit.

That visit was today. 

My knee trouble is one of 2 things:

She feels I'm too young for this, but x-rays were taken to be sure.


  sounds bad doesn't it? 
 It's basically 'runner's knee' where too much stress is put on the knee.

She is leaning toward this diagnosis which will require physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the knee.

 The bad good news is that she says I can continue my 30 day shred.  Which I just did.

I did not use hand weights the few times I shredded while on vacation, so today was the first day with level 2 using hand weights.....OUCH!

I had a tough time, a VERY tough time, but I pushed through with a few 5 second breaks.  It felt good to get into it hard and sweat!

Hopefully now that I am home I will get back into a good routine and hammer this out every day.  

Oh yea, the doc says that I've lost 2 pounds!