30 Day Shred Challenge on vacation



I've stated more than once that vacation and exercise don't go together very well.  There are several reasons for that.
  • no time
  • no energy
  • no room
  • no desire
  • no FUN
I missed 4 days in a row.....now don't start yelling at me quite yet.  I've not been lying around doing nothing.  I have walked more than I ever do and swam in the ocean fighting the currents for 3 hours.  Believe me THAT is exercise.  I was wiped for 2 days after our beach adventure. 
I loved every single minute of it though!

Admittedly I was getting stiff.  Even though I've not just been sitting around, I've also not been working the muscles that Jillian works everyday.  So today I knew I had to get back to it.  

It was tough, very tough.  My knees are STILL bothering me quite a bit.   I've really got to do some research to find out what I can do about it.  I don't want to stop the exercise, yet I also don't want to permanently damage my knees.  Any suggestions?

Tomorrow we begin our trip home.  Honestly, I'm ready to be home.  Vacation is a blast, but home is.....well  HOME


  1. Wow, is that you doing a plank on the beach?! I'm impressed! I have taken a break from the shred too- I hate to exercise in front of anyone and people have been here since last Wednesday. I think I'm going to start over This Wednesday and call it Day 1. UGH. LOL Glad you had fun at the beach!


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