30 Day Shred Level 2 and the HATED plank!


I missed yet another day of my 30 day shred.  Vacationing and exercising do not go together.  BUT I did walk at least 2 miles and swam for 15 minutes, so I wasn't just sitting around!

Today I started Level 2....

amid the groans, I yelled at Jillian with an "are you kidding me?"

Can I just say that I HATE plank moves?  My daughter told me to practice just holding a plank, wish I would have been doing that right along.  My wrists are not going to be able to  hold up under these:
If you think this looks easy, get down on the floor...right now and try it.  See how long you can hold this position.  It's a killer.

But Jillian doesn't ask that you just 'hold' this position....oh no, that'd be too easy!  (yea, right)...while in this position you do a 'jumping jack', 'leg twist' and some other crazy moves.  She really does try to kill you!

I'm wondering if I can use this position instead:

also called a plank.  My wrists would thank me :)

The routine went quickly today, probably because it was new and I was attempting to get my form correct.  

There are some balance moves that I thought I would have trouble with, but level one must have helped my balance muscles, cuz I didn't fall over!

BUT sweat!  WOW....literally rolling down my face.