Daniel's Promise all natural beauty products review

Neem Aloe Facial Scrub & Mask

This facial scrub and mask, made by Daniel Weaver of Daniel's Promise, is made with all natural products.   It comes in a powder form.  It is applied to a damp face with damp fingers to cleanse your skin.

If you prefer a deeper cleanse, mix equal amounts of oil or yogurt with the powder and apply to face.  After a few minutes, just rinse.  

I was sent a 4 oz jar to test on my skin.  Because I am known to be very sensitive to any cleansing product,  I was hesitant to try this.  To test my sensitivity, I applied a small amount to the inside of my arm overnight.  When I arose in the morning there was no rash or reaction so I gave it a try on my face.

I found it simple to use and left my face with a clean, soft feel.  The fact that the products are all natural and my skin was not sensitive to the ingredients was great. 

I am also very sensitive to scents.  My jar contained lavender and rosewood essential oils.  There is a light fragrance, but not overpowering.  I did find that hours later there was a faint scent of clay on my face...the main ingredient is bentonite clay.

Overall, I would recommend this product as a great facial cleanser.  Why add a bunch of chemicals to your skin when there are great alternative like what Daniel's Promise has to offer?

Daniel's Promise offers other all natural products that I'm sure are just as good as this one I tried.

* I received a complimentary jar of this product for my honest review