Self-discipline and the 30 Day Shred

DAY 22

Saturday...who wants to get out of bed and work-out on a Saturday. Certainly NOT ME! 

A month ago I would have talked myself out of it no problem.  But not only am I toning my body, but I am toning my self-discipline.

I dragged, literally, myself out of bed and got to it.  I wish I could say I breezed through it...well, I can until that last circut with the squat and v-flys.  I still can't make it through those. BUT that set is the only one that I can't complete.  Once I can, I'll know I'm ready to move onto level 3!

There is a benefit to exercising everyday instead of every other...the habit.  Knowing that at a certain time everyday is exercise time is kind of like knowing that 6 PM is supper time.  It just happens EVERY day around that time.  No questions asked, you just do it.  

The doc tells me that I don't have arthritis in my knees.  It is patella femoral syndrome.  I have an appointment on Tuesday I go to physical therapy.  Maybe those exercises will be what I can be sure to do on my shred day off to keep the daily habit.


  1. It's almost time for the A-Z challenge! I'm doing the spring transformation fitness challenge at the same time. I'm following :)


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