Toning with Jillian using the 30 Day Shred DVD

You've not done a squat 
until you've done a 
'Jillian squat'!

3/4 & 3/5

Day eleven fell on Sunday.  Now Sunday is a VERY busy day for me.  BUT I was determined to get my workout done.  

Only waiting 1/2 hour after eating a huge taco salad (650 calories huge), I hit the mat.  Cramping did occur during the cardio, but I pushed through it.   After the 20 minute torture  routine was complete, I had to run out the sitting and typing about my workout yesterday.

Day twelve brought me no energy at all.  I didn't even want to get out of bed.  Monday's are usually like that for me because weekends are constant on-the-go!  So I held off until 3:30 to get to it.  

I do think I'm ready for level 2.  I went through all circuts fairly easily.  I even used the 3# weights throughout.  I completed everything again.  

I am not doing this for weight loss.  I've had a bunch of people ask me why I am doing this because I am 'so thin' answer is always "clothes hide a lot".  Which they do.  But I don't need weight loss, just toning!  After 5 pregnancies I've got a bit of a 'pooch'.  Also, I'm working on getting my 'granny-flaps' know, the upper arm flaps that swing back and forth when you wave...yea, I'm growing some.  I want grandchildren, but no flaps please!

Anyway, today while changing for my workout I noticed that my abs are toning.  They really are.  
I can see a THAT is motivation.

Also, I have much more energy.  I actually wake up in the morning feeling rested (except today).

Although I wish I could have all these results with less effort, I guess anything worth having is worth working for.

So thanks to  my Sampy-June for inviting me on this journey.  I'm 12 days in and feeling much better!