A-Z Blogging Challenge - X


During my journey to fitness (you can read here) I ran into a bit of trouble with my knees.  Well, not really trouble but PAIN!  Lots of it.  After about a month of putting up with it, I thought I should find out if I was doing more harm than good.

Off to the doc's office.  

X-ray's were recommended to check for arthritis...which she really thought was a NON issue.  But I really wanted to rule it out completely.

Off to the x-ray office. 

 I was shocked at how I had to be a contortionist just to have my knees x-rayed.  

Turn this way, 
bend your knee that way
 but not your hips,
now hold that position
 while I walk away 
from the radiation 
that is so very dangerous, 
while you balance yourself 
in that very awkward position
and get zapped 
by thousands of cancer causing
rays of radiation
until I decide to return!

Good news?  No arthritis :)


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