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This was my dilemma a month ago.  I wasn't sure which on I should buy. 

Here's a side by side detail list:

Yea, so?  This only tells me the techy stuff.  What about how I will USE it?

Today I came across this quote from PCMag.com:

"If your intentions are purely casual, like light Web browsing, email, and Angry Birds, then the Kindle Fire will likely suffice. But if you want your tablet to replace your laptop, or at least come close, the iPad is more powerful, feature rich, and offers a superior, tablet-optimized app selection."

I love my iPad, BUT I fall into the 'casual, light Web browsing, email, Angry Birds' category more than the latter.  

Kind of wished I would have read their comparison BEFORE I forked over $500.00.....

Oh well, iPad DOES have a Kindle app :)


  1. Hahahaha! Ipad has a kindle app---hilarious! I would LOVE to have an ipad. I bet you're having fun with it AND, as you learn more, it will serve you well!

  2. Hi, I guess I would have bought the I-Pad, because of all the better points in it's favor. It is literally a small computer with better capabilities than the Kindle Fire. :) Best regards to you. Ruby

  3. I have three iPads (1, 2, and 3) and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. I watch movies, play games, listen to music, use it as a free phone (with Magic Jack and Facetime), read, write... Just keep playing with it!

  4. I have a Kindle that I use purely for reading and it's absolutely perfect. Everything else I do online, I do on a computer - my laptop, to be exact. So my Kindle is always about leisure, it's always about reading and relaxation and just plain fun! I would LOVE an iPad some day... emphasis on some day...


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