My Big Bottom Blessing Book Review & Giveaway

The title of this book intrigued me when I was asked if I'd be willing to review it, so I said, "Sure!"

The first couple of chapters, Teasi Cannon, explains her battle with weight.  "Oh well," I thought, "I guess this book is not for me".  As I have never had a problem with weight.  But I kept reading, after all I did say I would write a review.

But this book is not just about weight, it's about self-image.  We all have areas of ourselves that we despise and wish we could change.  Not only wish we could change, but would do ANYTHING to change.  

I enjoyed Teasi's style of writing.  She uses humor to talk about the topics that are not easy to discuss. Throughout the book she introduces the reader to the 'people' within herself that she would have conversations Trainer, Reflection, Self-pity, Fat Christian Woman to name a few.  I could so relate to these conversation even though I've never struggled with my weight,  I have had and still have problems  with self-esteem or the "I wonder what that person thinks of me" syndrome.   But the only opinion I should care about  is my heavenly Father!  And He loves much He sent His Son for me. 

THAT, my friend, is the reason for this book.  It challenges us to look at ourselves through the eyes of Jesus....really the rest doesn't matter.

Each chapter ends with soul-searching questions, an encouraging word or poem, and scripture to help to reinforce the lesson learned.

Click here to read the first chapter.

If you like what you've read and you want more....enter below to win your own copy of

My Big Bottom Blessing : 
 How Hating My Body Led to Loving my Life
 by Teasi Cannon

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*I received a complimentary copy of My Big Bottom Blessing from Worthy Publishing for my honest review.


  1. Stephen King- The Stand. I've been reading him since high school. I know- I'm weird. :)

    1. hahaha, my brother has read, and has,every book Stephen King has ever written. Once we were vacationing in ME and we went by a house owned by Stephen King...even it was creepy looking.
      Have you ever read anything from Ted Dekker? He's the 'christian' version of Stephen King.

  2. It’s been said that real change happens when we become aware of the negative self-talk in our heads, and replace it with positive messages. This book takes it a step further, offering an honest look at one woman’s struggles with weight and body image. But rather than just “thinking positive,” she became deeply aware of God’s love for her. Knowing she was God’s beloved made it possible for her to love herself. I know all women, regardless of size, will appreciate Teasi Cannon's honesty!


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