Who would have thought....

that after 30 years I would still be married to the same man, have 5 children and one son-in-law, live in a huge log cabin (which is now empty), have survived brain surgery, suffered through menopause, wish I could turn back time, etc, etc.

It all seems  like someone else lived it, but nope, it was me.  Very hard to remember it all, sometimes I wonder if I've only been dreaming, or having a nightmare ;)

Last Tuesday was my 30th anniversary.  I'll admit that it has not been easy to stay married for 30 years.  I have said often that if it wasn't for our love and commitment to God, we would never have lasted.  HE has kept us true to our commitment to each other.  Thank you, Jesus!

My hubs surprised me with an impromptu visit to where we went on our honeymoon in the White Mountains region of NH.  He also surprised me by replacing my lost wedding band with a new one and fixing  my engagement ring.

I guess I'll keep him :)




  1. congrats sweetie here is to many more memories together

  2. Oh congratulations!! We just celebrated our 19th and it hasn't always been easy. But God is good and He is faithful to us. Thank you for staying the course and being such a good example of faithfulness to the rest of us!


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