Wind turbines or NOT?

The first time I saw these majestic 'towers' I was driving down the highway, turned a corner and BAM...there they were.  I literally gasped.  

I had heard about them but never saw them.  I didn't have an opinion because I knew nothing of them.  

Then a project was proposed to build several of them in a town nearby.  A friend told me about a tour that was being offered to residents of the town and adjoining towns to educate them of the uses.  I was intrigued so I signed up.

Driving by miles away was awesome, BUT standing directly under one....there's not a word to describe...these things are MASSIVE:

I learned they are springing up all over VT and NY.  The opinions are varied. Some do not want the aesthetics of the scenery dotted with them.  OR they cry for the birds that may fly into them and die.  Cost is an issue too.  

Others think this is the future of energy.  America producing their own energy.  More jobs. Cleaner energy.

Maybe this is was a debate when electricity poles and lines began to show up across America....or even the railroad....

All I know is-in my little world this is a HOT topic...

What do YOU think?


  1. I think they look nicer than some of the other things popping up, like bright yellow pawn shops and whatnot. I think they are a great alternative energy source!


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