A Mother's Feelings

Well, that's certainly a loaded title:


My fingers don't even know what to type as it is very hard to communicate from my heart to the keyboard what is going on inside of me.

Saturday, July 14, 2012 I attended my oldest daughter's bridal shower....and now I hesitate because words cannot even begin to tell you the feelings of that experience.

Joy, sadness, exhilaration, thankfulness, fear....ah, can you see what I mean?

I have prayed for my children to find the right mate....often, if not daily in their lives-especially as they got older and that time came closer and closer.

For my Sampy-June, it seemed a longer road than we had envisioned. A few mis-traveled paths, yet each one growing her into who she needed to be to find "Pastor J" (as I lovingly refer to my future son-in-law as he has accepted a youth pastor position in CT---but THAT is yet another blog post about a mother's feelings)

I had confirmation early in their relationship that this was permanent...waaaaay before they even knew.  Those little knowings are between me and God as he reassured my questions with specific, positive answers.  

On August 19, 2012, I will officially welcome another son-in-law into my heart and our family (I say, 'officially' because he's already there)

This man is perfect...ok, I know, no 'man' is perfect, so let me rephrase that...He is PERFECT for her!  I think she would agree ;)  I laugh when we talk about when they were first getting to know each other.  He told her that girls fall in love with him easily and warned her not to....REALLY????  (he denies ever saying this).  I'm glad she's stubborn and didn't listen to him ;)  AND I'm sure he is too!

Here are a few pictures from the shower:

He puts up with a lot :)

They work so well together

Sampty-June proudly says:"This one's for him cuz I don't iron"

Cute champagne  glasses

my niece, who was instrumental in planning this shower, and I laughing about something

Instead of a card, a friend used a napkin--quite unique

well, it was a SHOWER after all :)

handmade quilt by me

Someone needs to remind me to gets pics of myself and my daughter at the wedding....I was so busy enjoying the shower, taking pictures and stuff that I didn't get a pic of us together :(


  1. How cool to see what God has used YOU to bring about by raising this Godly woman!


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