Coming Home by Max Lucado

I was never a fan of allegory.  Just ask my kids...they weren't allowed to read the series by C.S. Lewis that was, and still is, so popular among kids. I always felt, why tell a story when you can just lay out the truth.  BUT as time has passed and I've become older and wiser (stop laughing) I've come to realize that there are lessons that can be learned all around us and yes, that includes allegory.

Maybe I never enjoyed this type of reading because it takes a mind that can think through and see what is being taught instead of just reading for enjoyment.  Although I still don't really 'enjoy' thought provoking reading, you all know I DO enjoy Max Lucado!  :)

I was sent his latest children's book, Coming Home, from Crossway to review. It was very easy for me to jump right in and read it.

This story is a picture of the coming of Christ and the two choices we have in waiting for His coming.  The two choices are represented by twins.  They start off choosing the same path, following the words of the captain.  But as time passes and the captain does not return as he said he would, one twin decides to venture into the 'forest'---the place the captain warned about.  This changes the twin and the relationship he has with his twin brother.  Finally the captain returns......the question is: will the twin be treated equally and both be allowed to join the captain?

Even though this is a child's book, it make me stop to think about the choices I am making as I await the return of my 'captain'.  Am I following His commands, or going my own way?  

Great book to read to your children to help them evaluate their choices, while you contemplate yours.

*I received this book from Crossway in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was given.