The True Account of Adam & Eve

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Upon opening this book some of the first words I read were:

Always start with the Bible

The Bible is the place to begin and end.  Unfortunately the truth of the Bible is under attack in our society.  Part of that attack begins with the account of the beginning of time and humanity.  If the truth contained in the first book, Genesis, can be questioned, then the whole of the Bible is opened up for debate.   What occurred in Genesis has an impact on the future of everyone living.  Painting this as a lie, or just a good story, is one of Satan's most powerful tools.  Let's not fall into his trap.  

Ken Ham, founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, has written a stirring account of the beginning of creation and man with this book entitled "The True Account of Adam & Eve".

This is a fantastic book, not only in content, but the pictures, illustrated by Bill Loooney, are exceptional.  With the turning of each page I felt as if I were right there experiencing the splendor of the Garden of Eden or the shame of disobedience.  

Ken Ham doesn't stop with the sad realities of sin, but brings the reader to the precious sacrifice for sin, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Yes, Adam's sin may be passed onto each one of us, but we don't have to make the same choice as Adam.  We can chose life in Jesus.

This paragraph in the book on page 47 sums up the importance of understanding the impact of really understanding the truth of Adam & Eve:

"Can you now see how the history of Adam and Eve, and the results of their disobedience, is history that continues to impact the world throughout the Bible?  From their disobedience to Jesus, His death on the Cross, and defeating death for us, plus the promise of eternity with God--speaks again to the relevance of the Bible in our faith and daily lives.  That's why it is so good to always have the Bible as our starting point and source for answers to any questions we or others may have."

This is a MUST read!  Read it to your children.  They need the truth for their future.  Start now to teach God's truth to your little ones.  They are the future of this country, may they follow God's truth all of their lives and impact the world around them.

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  1. I love Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. Looks like a great book!


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