Counting 50 years of blessings

Birthdays....there are mixed emotions with that word.  When we are children we welcome these days, counting down until it arrives, but as we age, well, let's just say that the counting down and excitement fades as the number rises.

When I turned 40 I didn't want to acknowledge that it was true.  I told my family that I didn't want to do any celebrating.  I wanted to just ignore the fact, which, of course, didn't make it go away, I still become a 40 year old woman.

The decade of 40 was not my best decade....too many unwanted changes began to take place.  For me, the 40's was a time of change & readjustment, neither of which I deal with very well.  About half way through my 40's I decided I was going to CELEBRATE 50! 

I informed my family I wanted a BIG celebration at 50.  Family, friends, food, presents, games, laughter--- FUN!  And boy did they deliver!   

So here I am now a 50 year old woman.  (AARP has already called.  :/)Today I want to share 50 years of blessings....for me, that is tough because I am a 'glass half empty' type of girl.  Too many years of that, time to be a 'glass full and over-flowing' girl!  

So here's a list of my overflowing glass:
  1. I have a Savior who loves me even when I am most unlovable.
  2. I also have a husband who has stayed with me for 30 years, even though I am hard to live with.
  3. A husband who has provided for his family without complaint
  4. A husband who loves God more than anyone or thing
  5. God gave me FIVE fantastic children
  6. 2 of my daughters have added 2 super fabulous sons-in-law that I love like my own
  7. In 2013 I am going to be a grammy....a title I have coveted for YEARS!
  8. All my children love God 
  9. I grew up with parents who stayed together for 50+ years
  10. My parents gave of themselves every day (a fact I only realized when I had children of my own)
  11. They raised me in the church where I learned about Jesus
  12. In-laws that I enjoy spending time with 
  13. My father-in-law and mother-in-law who stayed together
  14. Who raised a son with an amazing work ethic
  15. Many friends who have shared moments of my life with me
  16. Online friends who I've never met 
  17. The lifelong friends who will always be there for me.
  18. I have never gone without anything that I need
  19. I have been blessed with way more than I need 
  20. a place to live and lay my head at night 
  21. a warm house during the cold winter
  22. The medical 'scares' I have had that have been only that....'scares' that changed me from the inside out
  23. dark chocolate
  24. the ability to learn new things
  25. my Ipad 
  26. pizza
  27. Olive Garden
  28. the beach
  29. sunshine
  30. vitamins and herbs
  31. smoothies
  32. green drink
  33. accupuncture
  34. quilting
  35. modern conveniences like a washer/dryer, dishwasher, central vac, oven, fridge.  I would not have wanted to live 100 years ago
  36. my Bible
  37. The comforting fact that God is in control of everything around me
  38. radiant heat 
  39. glasses the help these aging eyes
  40. a vehicle that can take me to visit my children 
  41. An extended family that is growing every year
  42. SUMMER
  43. The different stages of life that have molded me and keep molding me into the person God wants me to be
  44. A patient God who will never give up on me
  45. music
  46. the ability to get out of bed every morning
  47. Facebook 
  48. good health
  49. a confidence that my dad is no longer in pain but singing with Jesus
  50. Memories

Yes, I am a very blessed 50 year old!


  1. Counting you blessings! So cool!
    Especially blessed by #16! We still have an outstanding date for #27 when/if we do meet this side of heaven.
    AARP is amazing. They started contacting my husband the minute he turned 50, too!
    Love and Blessings for your birthday!!

    1. #16 definitely had YOU in mind when I wrote it :)

      Ah yes, day! My hubby gave me a $60 gift card to go. The closest one to me is 3 hours away!

  2. I thank God often for giving me a wonderful and gifted daughter, who might have given us some heartache when in her teens, but much pride as an adult. Not to mention 5 wonderful, loving grandchildren.


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