The Return of My Week at a Glance

November 11 - 17

This is a good week to get back into my 'weekly' postings about my life.  I know ONE person who looks forward to this and misses it. :)  

The reason this is a good week to get back into it is because on Sunday the 11th I had my 50th birthday.  We celebrated on Saturday because that day was better for everyone.  So I actually had a birthday weekend which began on Friday night and ended on Sunday night.

My family attempted to surprise me, but it's kind of hard when you are having the party at the guest of honor's house :)  Although I suspected something was going on (mainly because I asked for a party), it was still a wonderful time of family, friends and fun.

Do you like my party hat?

After everyone left Sunday night I was all alone in the house....perfect time for a cry-fest.  As I was reflecting over my life, the weekend and all, I said to  myself, "why are you crying? You are blessed with so much"  Which led me to write this post...which led me to get back into my weekly posts.  It's good to remember where you've been to help appreciate where you are.  

Later that evening my sister-in-law called to wish me a happy birthday.  As I was sharing with her about my feelings she said this:  "I read this a few weeks ago, 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened' "  I like that A LOT!  Too often I lament that it's gone instead of being so very thankful that it happened in the first place.  That is my new mantra for my 50's!

I have to say that the very best part of my birthday weekend was having my whole family together.  It is rare now with each one beginning their own families.  

Notice the beautiful woman in pink shirt?  Can you see that sweet little belly she's growing?  That is MY GRANDDAUGHTER in there!  

Oh yea, gonna be a gramma ;) :0 :)


  1. LOVE everything about this post! Your family is lovely and I can see that they get it from their mom! I'm the same way about lamenting and I'm so glad you shared what your sister told you! I'm going to start doing that too! Hugs!

  2. So glad to see you back to postings the weekly news. You bet I have missed it!
    love ya lots...yer Mom!


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