Cleaning helpers

I may not have two cute little fairies like the ones above, but I have come across some great items that assist me in my day to day cleaning.

This first one was given to me by a friend this summer.  It is the most amazing cleaning cloth I have ever come across.  You know those dreaded windows that you absolutely hate to clean?  Well, wet one of these and wipe it across your window and that's it! streaks, just sparkling clean.  I've no  idea whatsoever  how it works, but it works.  

I  keep one in my car, kitchen, bathroom and I have one set aside for windows only.  Cleaning time is much easier and I don't have to use a bunch of chemicals.  

The other item that I've discovered that is so very helpful is my steam mop.  I turned on the tv one day and an infomercial was on.  It caught my attention so I watched.  It was this mop that used steam to clean.  No cleaners, just steam.  I watched for 20 minutes and came very close to ordering one, but it was over $100.00....too much for my pocketbook for sure.

I couldn't get it off my mind.  I hate mopping....I actually pay my kids $10 to mop.  And everytime the laminate floors were mopped, left behind was streaks.  UGH!  I just KNEW that this steam mop was my answer.  

Then one day I was checking my email.  My inbox contained a coupon to Ocean State Job Lots for a steam mop...$29.97---thank you very much!  It was not the top name brand of the one I saw on tv that day, but it works just fine!  I love it!

Here's a before pic of my disgustingly dirty mudroom 
after a weekend of 5 guys coming in and out:                                           And after a few swipes

~My little helper~

Now that most of my little helpers (my kids) have moved onto their own homes, it's nice to have tools to help me.  And it nice to share with others what works for me.

What is your favorite cleaning helper?


  1. I have the cleaning cloth everywhere and use one nearly every day to clean something. I've given some as gifts and now am selling them to get some cash for a mission trip...which I hope will be this spring. Everyone who has gotten one from me or purchased one from me, loves it. One lady bought 4 from me to give to family members for Christmas...she wanted to share it. The maintenance lady at church has 2 and she loves them. She has a lot of windows and mirrors to clean, but found a few other ways to use them. Thanks to her recommendations, I hope to sell all I have left before the holiday.

  2. Oh yeah, just remembered the other item I love, that you introduced me to...the laundry ball. I use it ALL the time...just spray stains ahead. Saves a bundle on detergents/softeners, etc. Clothes stay white/colorful longer, smell fresh, and dry softer, without any softening agent of any kind.
    Let me know if you discover any more neat cleaning things that you can share with me. Not sure the steam cleaner would be worth it here with so small floor.


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