Crowned By the King

Sometimes I need a reminder as to whom I belong.  I am more than a wife, mother, sister, and friend, I am a daughter of the King of Kings!  This is a beautiful time of year to remember that.  As many think about how the King left His glorious throne to come to this 'ole earth as a humble baby only to be rejected and crucified.  All for the love of undeserving, the ones who rejected him, mankind.   

The true picture of love.

Because we are a forgetful people, we need reminders.  While reading through the Old Testament a couple of years ago I realized that God told His people to keep reminders of what He had done for them so that they wouldn't forget.  So that they would remember to pass His love and care and all that he had done for them onto their children so that they would also know God.  I know in my life this is lacking.  I need reminders.

I became aware of this ministry called "Crowned by the King" through CWA, a review group I belong to.  When I read about it I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.  I could tell you all about it, but I think the founder Judi James will do a much better job

Doesn't that sound awesome.  What a wonderful way to share the love of God with those around us.

When my necklace arrived I wasn't sure who I should share it with.  I looked for opportunities, but nothing happened.  So I stopped looking and just prayed for God to show me who I was to share His love with.

Then one morning I read this post on my sister-in-law's wall:
"Well.unexpected cleaning this up and even though everything was turned off on Gas Range when I went to turn it on to make Steve's (her husband,my brother) breakfast oven was on and flame going...only way to get it to go out was to shut off Propane.....EJ (my son) gets up, I tells him, he turns gas line on to test for leaks...major! Not only do I need a Range repair man, Propane company on their way too!"

My heart stopped....knowing how potentially dangerous this situation could have been.

Later that day she writes:

well heres an update to the Propane Saga.....................Repairman comes...installs a new line......yep.....the "other propane company did a lousy job installing that line"........Now for Part 2................................I still am having a real hard time fathoming what I will say to you..........There was no reason humanly that my oven should have had a flame, no reason I should have woken this morning to Heat coming out of that was completely off and the only way I could get it to stop heating was to shut the propane off to it...................but the fact that the flame burned all night prevented our home from filling and combusting by the propane......only our magnificant God could have intervened in that situation and He did.

Now I'm crying, thanking God for his loving protection...then I know, the necklace is to go to her.  So I wrap it up, send a note and pray that God uses it in her life and others.  I am confident she is the very person to give this to because I know she will pass it on.  She is like that...and here's proof from her Facebook page:

"Heres to hoping I can remember that today is about making someone elses day to was hard to do yesterday"

When she received the necklace this is part of her response:

" I'm still pondering what it actually means personally. I certainly was surprised.....There is so much more to this "crown" that only I can involves "family" stepping up to the plate to fulfill a need.  The give and take that Steve and I have been soooooooo blessed to be able to example with our children......God is in the business of relationship and he uses family to bring that point I think as I write that crown actually meaning that God is using me to lead that way when you ask me about the necklace, today I will say that 1 morning when I got up and went to the kitchen to make my husbands breakfast, the oven was on. I looked at the dials and they were all off, I opened the door to see the element with blue flame..I looked again at the dials and they were still off so I turned them on and off trying to get the oven to stop but nothing would...the only way to put out the fire was to shut down the gas...and that worked. After the serviceman had come out he said that it was a good thing that the fire burned all night as was contained in the stove because had it not the house would have combusted because of the escape and build up of fumes....but I didn't see this stories importance till my children called and offered to take me shopping and purchase our stove for us.  You see when they were in need we provided, and now its their turn and that is a picture of how God wants family to relate with one another, for me that is the meaning behind the necklace."

I've got to tell you that this is not what I thought the necklace represented for her when I sent it...that's what makes this so amazing.  You can't imagine what it will mean to someone.  God will have it touch them where they need it at the time.  

How can He do that?  

Well, He's the King!
And YOU are His daughter

Don't ever forget that!


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