What does the Bible say anyway?

Tomorrow many people celebrate in various ways continuing in traditions they have participated in for as far back as they can remember. Without question.  

Some will reflect on Jesus's coming to earth as a baby....but let me ask you--do you know what the Bible says about Jesus's birth?   Seeing that He is God's Son I'd say we need to go to the source to get the facts.  These facts have been morphed into something that looks nothing like what God said happened.   

Here's an interesting article I read this morning pointing out the 'myths' that are most popular in today's culture concerning the birth of Jesus:  

Now open your Bible to Matthew 1 & 2 and Luke 2, read for yourself, teach your children from the TRUTH!  Because anything else is.....well, you know what it is!  
Do you really want to continue in it?

Here is my favorite song for this time of year: